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fibro witch

Last nights show

Wow I can't believe no one has posted about last nights show yet. 

It was fun to see the boys back,  I missed them, but I hope this 'cross over' stuff does not go on all season.  Now  I like Kathy Griffen, she is fun to watch and listen to, but he should have done his act for Lance Burton, a fellow magician, not for a stand up comedian.  

Lance could have given him so good tips, and maybe even shared a trick or two.    All Kathy could talk about was his patter.   Which a magician mostly uses to distract the people watching him.  

I am a total Ted head, and I miss his teaching people how to cook,  last year, and last night, he introduced them to big name cheifs who then taught them to cook.    Ted did very little in the way of cooking instruction.      

And part of me misses watching the cleanup and change of the straight guys living space.   I can deal with the product placement, but the going through the straight guys closet, and kitchen and being silly and ADHD was funny.

I  know a couple of guys who were on the show, they both said they are so much goofer and funny in person than anything we get to see.    And it usually takes about a week or so to finish all the changes, not the one 'day' you see on the show.
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