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fab_5's Journal

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
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There are other more serious communities to discuss Queer Eye. This one is mainly for squeeing over the pretty boys. If you think Jai is hot, Carson and Kyan should be doing it where we can see, the more horrified Thom is the hotter he is and/or you want to go to dinner with Ted this is the community for you.

But there are a few simple rules and guidelines:

1. ABSOLUTELY no bashing or flames of any community member or the show and boys. No bashing will be tolerated. We all have different opinions and if you can't disagree like an adult then don't say anything or leave. I don't want to be a pain but this is something I don't tolerate at all.

2. Any spoilers should be put behind cut tags. This is common courtesy, some people don't get to watch it right away but we'd like you to talk. We want everyone to enjoy the community.

3. Any pictures that are over 200 x 200 pixels or you post more than 1, are to also be put behind cut tags. Again just common courtesy for those who might be on a slow connection.

5. Have fun! Fanfiction, slash, poetry, news, general squeeing, polls, questions, discussions and more are allowed. So post anything you like, but please use warnings at your discretion.

6. Please keep all topics on or relating to the the show and the guys. We want to keep this a safe and happy enviornment. If you're in doubt, don't post it. Thanks

Owned by white_russian.
Maintained by lalabebe and alexandriabrown.
I trust my maintainers and they have full authority to enforce the few rules we have. Please treat them with respect as you would myself.

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